Personal Background:

Date of birth - 10-13-2001

Graduated in Summer 2019

Currently taking a gap year in Spain

Fall 2020


Soccer Background:

Left/Right Mid

  • Vardar Academy

  • ¨I am a player who has self-confidence and who needs to win. I am quick and technical and enjoy playing a possession style game, but also understand the importance of counter-attacking and playing with numbers. As well as being athletic, I take pride in my first touch. I believe I am a versatile player and I'm comfortable playing different positions. I am a coachable player and put practice into games. I can't wait to see myself improve tremendously over the course of this season in Honor Division!¨

Highlight U17 before ETURE MEN´S SOCCER






My ambition is:

to ¨ My My ambition is to grow as a player in Spanish honor division and live like an elite footballer while increasing my skills and knowledge of the game.¨

Contact details: