Personal Background:

Date of birth - 11-03-2000

Graduated in Summer 2019

Currently taking a gap year in Spain

Fall 2020


Soccer Background:


  • Enosburg Falls High-school & Green Mountain Football Club

  • ¨I get involved with every play weather it be physically or verbally. I like to be vocal with my team as I see it helps them see the field without having to look 360 degrees. My Reactions are quite well, as any quick shots in close I’m aware and focused as the ball gets into shooting territory, I study the movements of my attackers waiting for them to strike. Distribution is quiet well as I can do a very accurate drop volley to my ofense and middies upfield. Passing, playing to my feet and using me as that 11th field player is something I’m incorporating into my game, and I feel like my weak/left foot needs improvement. My hands are strong as I use the W formation in my catch, and I make sure I control the ball before I distribute it. Overall I’m looking to improve to a point where I can play very competitive soccer, because I’m a very competitive guy, I don’t like loosing.¨

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SAT Subject Test:

  • 1010 

Contact details: