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the best SOCCER gap YEAR
program in the world
Vamos Toros.


" Hi, welcome to the home of the TOROS. 


It is commonly said that an image is worth 1.000 words, that is why I intend to start this conversation by presenting you our yearly movies. I hope you enjoy it."



" The recruiting process is a matter of timing. Coming to ETURE for a year of accelerated soccer development after your high school graduation will help you to increase your value as a prospect. The maturity, the elite training, the competition experience and the physical development will be key factors to earn the attention of top coaches.


As international recruitment grows every year and coaches look for players overseas, competing abroad becomes a great opportunity and experience for any ambitious young player looking for new challenges.


A gap year also has its benefits related to eligibility matters. The year you spend in Spain will not count against your eligibility if you just graduated from high school. This will expand your future opportunities and give you a better chance to make better decisions. "