If you want to compete internationally after your college graduation, we are looking for you.

ETURE PLACEMENT SERVICE helps international players from all around the world to start their soccer careers in Spain in a productive and successful manner. 


Our goal is to open for your the doors of the soccer opportunity in Europe and assisting you to manage your logistics, academic options, and cultural immersion.






TEAM PLACEMENT: Eture Sports will help the player to obtain his Spanish Federation license that will allow him to play for a semi professional team (Tercera Division or Preferente League - depending on each player´s level). This process can take from one to 4 weeks as the player will go through a trial process. Highlights video and resume need to be provided before the service. 



ACADEMIC ENROLLMENT: Eture Sports will help the player to enroll in a Spanish University (undergraduate or masters degrees) by guiding him through the application process. The player will be able to choose between a wide variety of degrees offered in Spain. Transfer students can also continue their academic pursuit in Spain. 

STUDENT VISA AND TRAVEL PLANS: Eture Sports will provide complete guidance and counseling throughout the visa process as well as arranging travel plans to Madrid or Valencia City.  

HOUSING: Eture Sports will help the player to find the best housing situation depending on his desires, budgets and preferences. Accommodations can range from host families, shared or single apartments or student residencies. 

ASSISTANCE AND SUPPORT: Eture Sports will be of assistance for the player at any point during the experience as well as a main advisor for his soccer career, making sure the player is developing in the right environment. Eture Sports will help the player to make changes according to needs or desires. 

FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES: Eture Sports will advise the player on future opportunities and will present to the player a long term path that helps him to achieve his goals either in Europe or America. Using our extensive network, we will provide the connections and the exposure necessary to progress in the soccer world. 

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Here are important aspects of the experience that the player and his family need to consider:

- Eture Sports will make sure the player is placed in a challenging level where he still has the opportunity to have an important role. However, we cannot guarantee playing time and that will ultimately be the responsibility of the player´s level and performance. We have continued oversight and we support the player in making as many changes as needed to find the right fit. 

- The International Service is not a program. Players considering this service need to have a high degree of individual responsibility. This service is recommended for players that are 20 years or older. Younger players are highly recommended to choose Eture Men´s Soccer Program. 

- This service does not include  an individualized developmental program or participation in showcases events and Eture Men Soccer practices. If you are looking to have a more inclusive experience that utilizes all of our resources, helps you to improve intensively your soccer level and maximizes your more immediate soccer opportunities you should consider applying to our Eture Men´s Soccer Program. 


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