Program History:

  • How long has this program been running?

Eture Sports Men´s Soccer Program started in 2018/2019. During that year Eture Sports worked with a total of 8 players.  

  • How many student-athletes participate each year?

After the recent success of our program, the number of players wanting to participate has been growing exponentially.  Because of our commitment with excellence and quality, we only have 25 spots limited for next season. 

  • Do you have profiles of the entire coaching staff for your program?

Yes, you can check our coaching staff in ¨About US¨ website section. If you want to know more about our coaches we can send you their full resume after request.  

  • Are there any part time work opportunities, even a few hours a week for pocket cash?

Yes, some of our players teach English in different academies and we could try to get something for each player. However, we can't guarantee it. All we can say is that we will work on finding something for you if it is completely necessary. Players need to take into account that they should take this year in Spain as an opportunity to focus on soccer and personal development. 

Location and facilities:

  • Where is the program located?

The program is located in Valencia City, one of the best cities in the wold according to Time (magazine). LINK

  • What type of facilities I will be enjoying?

You will have a card to access all the facilities of the residence, including gym, classrooms, sports complex, and also a separate card for public transportation in Valencia City. 

Food / Allergies:

  • The residence where our players will stay has the option of creating specialized meal plans. 

  • They have special diets for vegetarians, gluten free, and also dairy free.

  • Players can request an specific meal plan that will be created for them.


Travel & Accommodations:

  • When does he arrive and how does that work for travel (do we pay for air/train)?

Players will have to get here by August 1st. We will confirm exact time with you by the end of April. 

Players will have to pay for their own airline ticket to Valencia Airport, which is the most convenient. We will pick you up from the airport. 

  • Is the airfare and any required train travel covered for getting home and back for the holiday break between semester?

Unfortunately, the transportation to get to Valencia has to be covered by players. All transportation within Spain will be covered. We will drop him off at the departure airport in Valencia when he needs to go back home for holidays. 

  • When will I know about my specific accommodations (location & roommate)?

Eture Sports just closed a partnership with the dorms of the University of Valencia, in the heart of Valencia city.

We will determine the roommate by the end of April. 

VIDEO OF THE DORMS  Address: Av. dels Tarongers, 1, 46022 València

  • What are my projected accommodations, specific Universities?

You will be living in a double room at Colegio Mayo Galileo Galilei. 

  • Will I be staying with another member of the gap year program, a student?

Yes, you will be living with another player from the Eture Men´s Soccer program. 

  • What is and what is not provided, what do we need to pack and bring?

- The residence includes the following:

- Full board and plan meals for 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) including weekends. 

- Laundry Services

- Cleaning services of room for one time per week

- Sheets and towels

Not included:

Fridge and TV that we can purchase when he comes to Spain or rent it from the residence at 12€ per month for each item. 




  • What is the furthest distance required to travel for training with Spanish club team where I will be placed?

Furthest distance is 20 minutes with public transportation and 10 minutes driving. You will be taught how to get to the respective training sessions and you will always be accompanied with at least another teammate when moving around the city. 

  • Is there ever a situation where a player either doesn’t qualify for a team or qualifies but does not earn playing time?

Eture Men´s Soccer is one of the most elite programs in Spain. Our players have always guaranteed spot in a team trough the placement service. However, for higher level teams in Honor Division, coaches make their own decisions and sometimes we can't control that. These teams are competing for very important goals since we have a relegation system in Spain. 

If we placed you at the Honor Division level and you were not playing... Then we would ask the team to give him playing time at the lower level, Liga Nacional or finding another team. Our goal is to place you in a challenging level where you can enjoy and important role. Competition is key for development!



  • Beyond the Spanish course and the focus on preparing to retake the SAT, what other courses will I take that improve his academic profile without starting the clock on his eligibility?

Spanish Language Course + Coaching Methodology Course from which he will obtain Coaching Diploma Level I from Spain. 

  • Would these additional courses be online, classroom based, and where would they be located if classroom based?

The classes will take place at the University of Valencia classrooms. 

  • Can I start full time university education in Spain?

Yes. Eture can help you to enroll to private universities in Spain offering great education. That would start your NCAA eligibility clock.  


  • Describe the counseling and how this experience may help me to determine my focus or field of study which of course helps me understand which schools I will want to pursue after the gap year.

We will create your highlights video and use that for promotion among D1 coaches. By November, when college season is over in the US, college coaches will travel to Valencia and watch our players in live at friendly games and their respective Spanish teams. We will then advice your what we think is the best fit and pathway. We always expect you to do great and be able to acquire and athletic scholarship at a top program in the country. 


  • What is the deadline to apply for Eture Men´s Soccer Program

1rst of May.

Eture Sports will also work on your placement as an individual with a true Spanish Team. The window market for Honor Division Level and Liga Nacional starts in April. The sooner we can start working with your profile, the higher chances we will have to place you in a better team. 

Now is time to start working!!