Personal Background:

Date of birth - 09-12-1999

Graduated in Summer 2019

Currently taking a gap year in Spain

Fall 2020

Height 6.1


Soccer Background:

Attacking Midfielder

  • Boca Ratón Christian School Team, Boca Predators

  • Quintana Roo, State Division,

  • Chivas Mexico y Atlante Mexico Boca Ratón Christian School Team, Boca Predators

  • ¨I play normally as a number 9. They use me as a pivot and I finish the plays. I am 6 ft tall and I am very good winning headers, sometimes I play right wing depending on what formation and what the scheme for the game looks like. I am very physical and explosive ¨.

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SAT Subject Test:¡

  • 1010

My ambition is:

 to play at a professional player, playing professional requires a lot of hard work and dedication, not only in the field but also on the field and on the way you act outside on your daily life. Discipline plays a huge part on achieving my dream, the way I am as a person off the field also affects me on the field. My number 1 goal is to become a disciplined player and a great person off the field, and work my hardest to achieve what I want. My other goal for when I am on the field is to give my hardest on every game and practice and represent who I am as a person. This is very important for me because before being a great soccer player I want to be a great example for others and a someone people can look up to.

Contact details: