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Our Clients Say

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We are so excited to have Barrett home after a dream 10 months of football in Spain with Eture. We can’t express enough what a fantastic decision it was to send Barrett to your Eture Gap Year program. During his time in Spain, he experienced tremendous growth as a player and a person. 

His opportunity he earned with the histor
ic Alboraya club gave him the chance to battle weekly to stay up and avoid relegation. During his first few weeks with the club, he persevered through a lack of playing time and overcoming the language barrier. He shared with us that you gave specific feedback and goals to work towards during that time. By Christmas he was in the starting 11 and playing the majority of the minutes. Most definitely growth through adversity. 

Barrett maintains a “group chat” with his teammates and coach from Alboraya. He was “adopted” by the nearby Cracks Cafe. Additionally, by immersing himself in the Spanish language and culture, this allowed him to grow as a person as well as a player at Alboraya. This immersion & experience in the Spanish language and culture will impact his life forever! 

The Eture teammates and staff truly became his family. This was Barrett’s first time away from home and he found “new” brothers in his Eture team.  The staff provided a professional environment to train and develop.

Barrett is already missing everything about his time in Spain and is planning a return trip with his teammates. 
We can’t thank you enough for being his advisor and advocate through the college recruiting process. He was able to achieve his dream goal thanks to his time at Eture! 

Jaime, we are so grateful for Barrett’s time at Eture. Though a difficult choice to take the leap of faith into an unknown experience, it was by far best decision we have ever made. Thank you so very much. 

Vamos Toros!"

Shawnda and Chris Saul - 

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Cullen Freeman

Bryant University

Jaime, thanks for everything you have done for Cully, and I'm sure you will continue to do for him in the future. You have been such a great mentor for him, and I can only hope you can have as much of a positive impact on Landon next year. Of course, I'm happy to speak to any prospective parents about our experience with Eture. As for a quote, here it is: 


"Jaime and Ximo truly care about each and every kid in their program, and their commitment to our son shows in the amazing transformation he has made as a person and a player over the last year. I guess the best way to sum up how we feel about Eture is in the fact that we are sending our youngest son to Jaime and Ximo next year"




Mike Freeman

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Jordan Regis

Georgia Southern Univers.

Hello Team ETURE,

How do you say thank you in a paragraph! When Jordan left last year there were some doubt around his future in soccer. It is safe to say we are happy that we chose the ETURE program. He was not recruited by any Division 1 Soccer programs and to be honest his game needed much refinement. We are happy to say he achieved his goal and has committed to playing Division 1 soccer at Georgia Southern University. But most of all we are happy that Jordan has grown, he was a shy kid when he left and now he has certainly stepped out of his shell and the ETURE Team, coaches trainers administrators have had a lot to do with this transformation.


Thank you All!


Forever Grateful.

Marlon Regis

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Tyler Reavis

Fairfield University



Alex and I wanted to express our deep gratitude for a life-changing experience for Tyler.


We are grateful Tyler had the chance to learn and develop with an enthusiastic team of Futbol professionals at ETURE. The cultural exchange made him mentally more assertive, confident, and a global citizen.

We know he will remember this experience forever based on your team’s passion for developing gentlemen and how you inspired him to keep creating chances for himself to grow as an individual.


Please let us know when you or your team plan on being in the Bay Area; we would like to have you and your team over for dinner.


Lastly, attached is Tyler's essay to Fairfield University.


All the best and Vamos!


Alex & John Reavis

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Riley Liston

University of Albany


Sorry for the long delay in responding to this email. It has been on my mind all summer. We just dropped Riley off at U at Albany, NY this past weekend to play D1 soccer and so what Eture provided him is fresh on my mind.


First of all, he would not be playing D1 soccer without his year in Spain. It has prepared him for this level of competition, which is fast. physical, and intense. We watched several practices and Riley held his own, not just in play, but in maturity in once again having to prove himself to a new (very international) team, adapt to new coaches, and rely on his confidence to adapt to a foreign, unfamiliar place (very far from Utah). The Eture experience and its coaches helped Riley develop this confidence and composure. 


As a parent, sending him to Spain, alone, was a bit daunting. However, the personableness of the coaches and staff, and you, and the safety, structure, and care provided quickly made me realize he was in good hands.  


I will always be grateful for the timing of Eture in Riley's life. The pandemic started closing doors to college play and his drive and passion to play soccer at higher levels was/is unrelenting. Eture was the best next step.


Thank you and...Vamos! ;]


Peta Owens-Liston

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Isaiah Easley

Clemson University

For me, I think it was really great for Isaiah to grow up and have that experience for soccer experience surrounded by good people to help him out in the long run for the next 50 years. The second part is obviously good recruiting, but that wasn’t the most important part...
Taylor Easley

Isaac Briner

University of North Carolina (Greensboro)

So excited about the opportunity that Isaac has at UNCG. Thank you for all of your assistance and guidance through this. He has never had the support that he is currently receiving through Eture and specifically from yourself and Ximo.   We are so grateful for everything that Eture has provided Isaac on his journey.
Aaron Briner 
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Grand Canyon University (GCU)

We cannot recommend Eture’s Gap Year program enough for anyone considering taking a gap year. Our son, Will, had a D2 offer and several NAIA, JUCO and D3 offers coming out of high school, but he got little traction at the D1 level coming from a smaller club in a smaller town. With a lot of hard work on his game under the guidance of Eture coaches, and with Jaime and Ximo’s connections, Will received three D1 offers (two of them on the West Coast which was what he had hoped for) and he had extensive conversations with over a dozen D1 coaches. Will’s time at Eture helped prepare him for the daily demands of D1 soccer and provided him with valuable life experiences such as adjusting to living away from home and navigating international travel on his own while still providing structure and security. It wasn’t always easy but it was so worth it. Will developed lifelong friendships at Eture and had experiences that he will remember for a lifetime. It was such a positive experience that our other son is really hoping to spend a year at Eture next year. Thank you Eture!


Chad & Leticia Ficek

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This is Joe Polizzi. I just returned home from the showcase and felt compelled to send this email to you and the Eture staff. I want to give you a parent’s perspective of what Eture has meant to my sons’ journey and as well what has meant to me as a parent. 


What you all have created addresses so many levels of development and I am not solely addressing soccer.  My sons have developed into responsible adults and your mission of handling adversity has been tantamount in their individual development. My other son attended Eture after attending a “similar” program in England. Turns out that was a typical money grab and as I watched my son, Giovanni, flourish I started to realize the uniqueness of what you have built. 


I have attended two showcases and the quality of the opportunity that you provide for recruitment and visibility for these boys cannot be matched.  Period. Both of my sons played high-level soccer and attended all the showcases and high level tournaments. There is NO comparison to the quality of contact you provide. The guidance on the best way to play the next level and guiding through the recruitment process was invaluable to me as a parent. The stress on a player and parent with trying to find a school and contact a coach is an AWFUL experience. Eture provides the exact solution. 


That solution, however, has multiple benefits.  This program is not for everyone. The boys need to have focus and drive. I can only speak for my sons but they wanted a different experience. They wanted to train in the best environment and hopefully get an opportunity for the next level. That has happened with both of them because your tutelage. Their soccer journey has progressed at a level that was above their initial expectations. As a parent, I am very pleased, but the unintended consequences matter more to me.  You and your staff have become our Spanish family. Both of my sons went there as teenage boys and have turned into men. Unfortunately, both of them experienced injury, and the way you treated them physically, mentally and emotionally will have lifelong positive effect. You have helped them to achieve their dream of continuing a soccer journey, all while learning a different language and culture. 


I would be happy to speak to any parent on your behalf. This has been a wonderful decision we have made as a family. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my sons.  


Joseph Polizzi


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Stony Brook University


This program was a truly amazing experience for our son Ben. Super passionate about soccer, playing at the highest level in college was his main goal. At Eture, he was able to train and learn alongside like minded players and high level coaches. He was able to fully immerse himself in the Spanish culture, playing on a Valencian club  and enjoying the beautiful climate and vibrate life of the city. The decision to send him to train with Eture was the best  one we could have made. He is now playing for a D1 program and completing his degree in business. The Eture program is a game changer and opened Ben’s eyes to a world beyond the US. If you’re considering this program, do not hesitate, it’s worth every sacrifice! 


-Renée & Darrin Bern

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