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ETURE offers yearly Spanish Courses and Soccer education included in our program throughout the whole year included in the Gap Year and ETURE FC PROGRAM. Players are able to improve their Spanish and immerse in several seminars of former professional players and coaches that share with our players their knowledge and experiences. 

However, if players plan to earn college credit at ETURE, there is an opportunity. Please read below if you are interested in earning college credit while at ETURE.



ETURE players can enroll part-time or full-time at Missouri St. University and earn credit in person at ETURE CLASSES, both at the Gap year and ETURE FC PROGRAM. SPANISH 101 (3 credits hours)  and SPANISH 102 (3 credits hours). There is an  EXTRA cost of $500 per class to enroll in each class and earn 3 credit hour per class through Missouri St University, which are payable directly to MSU and are cost completely apart of ETURE price. 


It is required to take at least one additional class each semester online from Missouri St. University of your choice to be able to enroll in SPANISH 101 or SPANISH 102. There are no exceptions to this requirement. 

Players will have to follow the admission process at MSU and be accepted. ETURE will assist with all the process. 


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